After two months of edits, updates and fine tuning the new Harry Pollitt Studio website was launched today – January 28th 2014.

The overall design concept is very similar to the old site – and indeed to the original flat html site created by the site owner.

  • The major changes in this version of the site is that it is now fully ‘mobile’ and will appear in all mobile and tablet devices in a responsive manner.
  • Additional features have been added to this version of the site including
    • an image zoom facility that has been applied to specific images where Harry expects the visitor to want to see detail.
    • Visual navigation, seen at the bottom of most pages, has been cleaned up to provide a more consistent operation and feel.
    • Major images have been re-worked, resized and optimised.
    • A categorised set of Tag Clouds have been used to replace the standard tag cloud.
    • A new sitemap page has been introduced.