As of today, March 12th, the massive re-design and relaunch of the All Sorts Of Stuff web site is complete!

The old site was a bit clunky, to say the least, was written in PHP and extensively patched. It was a personal project that started back in 2010 that kind of languished on a shelf because it was a pain to work with. As a result it got put to one side and no effort or time, including marketing was put into it. The new design will change all that!

All Sorts Of Stuff

Besides a nice clean and minimalistic design there are many, many changes to the back-end and the users experience.

The new site is fully responsive, offers advertisers the ability to display ads in their own currency, has an extensively enlarged category list, PayPal is used exclusively as the payment system, a variety of new ad packages and member packs have been introduced. From an advertisers point of view the ad management and account maintenance is improved significantly with a much easier and simpler interface. From a visitors aspect the entire site is a major improvement with improved search and search refinement.

The addition of social sharing will enhance sellers visibility as every new post made to the site is immediately tweeted at the All Sorts Of Stuff Twitter account and to the Facbook page, so following these will provide an instant update on all activity.

Try out the social links from here!

So, what are you waiting for??