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We are a creative and innovative web design and web development agency producing customised web sites for all business types and sizes. We specialise in user friendliness and functionality and will help you to create the very best business web site. Aditerum welcomes you!

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Don’t get Taken

Taken is one of my top 10 movies. When I first saw it at the cinema I left the [...]

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing Inbound marketing is a term that possibly means nothing to you, similarly 'outbound marketing' could [...]

Credit Card Payments

We have expanded our payments system and as well as offering the well known and trusted PayPal system we have [...]

Aditerum now sell SSL Certificates

If your web site needs to transmit sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, personal data and of course financial data [...]

Aditerum site gets a new look

It's a whole new look and a few added features Ordinarily the Aditerum website gets a facelift each year, usually [...]

New forum section added to the site

New forum section has been added to the site to allow clients, potential clients, WWB extension users and WWB template [...]

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What People Are Saying

We are very satisfied. Requests are executed very quickly and efficiently, providing clear and simple explanations. Paul makes a real effort to understand the client’s needs and comments. We would definitely recommend to other organisations.
Paul’s interactive style of working ensured that we were fully involved to just the right level throughout. As we progressed he made many helpful suggestions and lifted a good re-write to something which we believe is now quite outstanding.
Richard Ratcliffe, F.A.I.A.
Throughout, Paul was consistently on time, innovative, proactive, knowledgeable and thorough. He guided us through the process, redesigned our logo and gave us some “outside the box” ideas. We would recommend Paul without hesitation.
Jane Jackson, Just Secure
Marinalg is a very happy customer of Aditerum. Paul stepped in after our previous web design firm had been lost and “modernized” our website. I am certainly prepared to recommend your service to prospective customers.
Pete Bixler, Marinalg