Clients – it’s about relationships

We have been working with some of our clients for more than 20 years. None of our working relationships have required contracts and we don’t charge a fee when it’s time to part company! With our long term relationships we really feel we must be doing something right. Some are still with us, some have moved on. All the slides below are linked to their websites.

Can we work with you?

We obviously have a strong connection to the Food Ingredients and the Pharmaceutical industries but we also have interests far wider than that.

Amongst our clients we have a high street retail security company, an international removals company, a global clothing company and clients involved in art, soft furnishings and classified advertising.

It actually makes no difference to us – and it shouldn’t to you. Our priority is always effective communications; just the same as your priority!


Food Industry Clients
AAF, Beghin Say, Cargill (various), CRN UK, ELC, ELMA, Emil Flaschmann, Eridania Beghin-Say, Euteca, F.A.I.A., Marinalg, NATCOL, Primary Food Processors.

Pharma/Chemical Clients
Anglia Oils, Biopolymer International, Chemical Information Services Inc, Chirex, Chiroscience, Colorcon, Custom Synthesis Services, Genzyme, Laporte Inspec, Mendel, Syngal, Trost.

Other Clients
Dr. Harnisch Publications, H+H Celcon, CoActiv Medical, Door2Door Tyres, Global Elite Alliance, Harmonica123, Harry Pollitt Studio, Howarth Clark Whitehill, Just Secure, Katie Briggs Art, K & K Curtains, Kemwall Engineering, Kinkajou, Mazda Cars, Miller Freeman, Nuts Poker Clothing, Pan European Publishing, Reed Information Publishing, Royal Air Maroc.

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