WordPress Care and Performance Plan

If you operate a WordPress website for your business the last thing you need is for the website to fall apart, slow down and eventually crash and burn. That can be costly because you lose face, you lose customers and by default that loss of confidence is going to cost you money. So why have a care plan in place….?

Your website is crucial to your business

It generates leads, customers and possibly revenue. It’s a channel through which customers, suppliers, potential new staff and partners will find you and engage with you. It is fundamental to the success of your business and you want peace of mind that it will be up and available for your audience 24/7 without interrupt

All Software Needs Updating

All software is vulnerable and needs updating. All software. Including the software that powers your website.
Your competitors are waking up (or maybe leading the way) and innovating with new websites and online strategies. The world is getting smaller as more of us connect to the web and that means that it is only going to get harder to keep up, let alone stay ahead of the pack. More and more websites are getting hacked and attacked, including the big players as well as millions of small businesses everyday. It’s the nature of the world we live in and unfortunately websites are an easy target.

Do It Yourself?

Keeping your website up to date, backed up and secure can be time consuming and a little tedious.
It takes you away from what you should be doing, which is building relationships with your customers, staff and partners. The technology continues to evolve and there is no way you can keep abreast of all the trends and developments.

What Is On Offer?

Peace of mind!
A cost effective, time saving package that pays attention to the finer details of your website. From a company that has been designing, building, hosting and caring for websites since the early 1990’s. In fact, WordPress websites is all we do – we make WordPress websites and we look after WordPress websites – 24/7!
See the full details below.

What’s the catch?

Not every company can be accepted.
Like Doctors, Accountants and Plumbers, good web developers are flat out these days and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change in a hurry.
So in all honesty, we’re only interested in working with clients who understand the value their website adds to their business. Therefore we have made our website care plans available by application only.
Please review the plan seen right and use the application form to see if you qualify.

The Care Plan Offer

Security is the primary reason you should keep your WordPress site up to date; updates often feature security enhancements that prevent sites from being exploited. … Failing to update the latest version of WordPress can make your site an easy target for hackers and malicious code distributors.

Theme and Plugin updates often contain bug fixes as well as enhancements but can break your website if not handled correctly. Sometimes it is better to hold back from a major theme or plugin update, so timing is important.

Backing up your website is the single if not only true thing you can do to protect your site. If your site is hacked or if your web hosting server crashes, a good backup is the only fall back you have. So we back up your database daily.

Each month your media folder, theme and plugin folder and all files used to display your website are backed up.

WordPress is now a very popular platform for websites. As a result it attracts a lot of attention, sometimes the unwanted attention of hackers and their malware.  Each month your site is scanned for malware and vulnerabilities.

All new client websites are analysed and a 12 step security hardening process is implemented to ensure your site is as secure as possible. This includes server-side routines and the addition of software within your website to make it secure.

Combined with our other optimisation techniques we install an ‘aggressive’ cache application designed specifically to speed up the page load speeds so your visitors are served your content as fast as possible – with the aim of a 2 second or less page load.

We will assess each image in your website and recreate/resize to the optimum size and format for the best performance of the page. We may also suggest design/layout changes to facilitate an improvement in page load speed.

Each quarter we will run a manual performance assessment of your website, specifically looking at Page Speed, Page Optimisation and Site Performance evaluation.

Your website will be monitored on a 24/7/365 basis and checked every 5 minutes of every day. If there is a problem with the site we are notified within minutes and can therefore investigate and minimise any downtime.

If your website allows commenting we will ensure that all commenting has to be manually approved first of all and then address the build up of spam comments and ensure they are removed from the database.

Over time your website’s database will collect unwanted, unnecessary bits of data which can and does slow down a website so every month we run a series of optimisation processes to eliminate the garbage and optimise and compact your database.

Each month we generate two reports that are unique to your website. These look at the overall activities for the previous month and report on the general health of your website.

Care Plan Application

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