Website Ready Reckoner

  • This is a simple ‘guide’ to help work out the potential cost of a new website.
  • This is a rough guide, not an accurate estimate.
  • It is designed to give you an idea of the possible costs, but until we speak and we have sight of your completed design brief, we can’t be accurate.

So use this ready reckoner to get a ‘ball-park’ cost. The actual cost can vary considerably depending on your circumstances and your responses to our design brief and subsequent questions.

Calculate Your Website Cost

Baseline Website Project

The minimum website project includes all of the following:-

  1. Content Management System,
  2. Basic page setup (Home, About, News, Contact, Blog),
  3. Responsive – mobile & tablet ready,
  4. Basic SEO setup, not optimised,
  5. Google Analytics Integration,
  6. Basic Contact Form,
  7. Site Search,
  8. Site Security,
  9. Spam controls,
  10. Training – 2 hours.