What exactly is an Explainer Video?

An ‘explainer video’ is a short animated video, often with background music to set the mood and sometimes a voice over to expand the information given. The purpose of these short punchy videos is to focus on explaining a possibly complex idea in simple, engaging and compelling ways, by using clear and concise language; appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention.

These types of short video are also known as Video Sales Letters, or VSL’s. They are often seen scattered throughout a sales oriented website and are equally as frequently seen in the website owners Facebook page or Instagram feed and other social media platforms. The idea is the same as with ‘Explainers’; to get across a message quickly, efficiently and with impact.

Where do you use Explainer Videos?

The short answer is where they are needed. Often they will feature early on a home page of a website, sometimes scattered throughout a website and often on product pages and landing pages. Equally important is the use of social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram but they can be used anywhere when you need your audience to take attention and understand and remember something.


Early on before the fold to grab attention.


Used to educate and Inform.


A devoted page for something specific.


Sales presentations, Newsletters, Sales Pitches.


Marketing products or services.


Used to educate or use within your LMS.

Why use Explainer Videos?

The short answer here is because they work!

Not only can you explain a complex idea very quickly you will immediately find that your online visibility increases and your conversion rates improve. The benefits are considerable and as a list look like this:-

  • They’re concise.
  • They show a problem and a solution.
  • You can get creative.
  • They can be used anywhere.
  • They’re useful for new and old customers alike.
  • They’re adaptable.
  • You can show your brand personality.
  • You can show off the benefits first-hand.
  • You have a chance to prove your worth.
  • They increase visibility.
  • They improve sales and conversion rates.
  • They are very economic.

What is the cost of an Explainer Video?

By keeping the style simple with static rather than animated images we can offer a flat rate of £250 per explainer. They take about 4 days to complete but you will have the opportunity to revise the content as we can edit our work before compiling the final video.

Animated explainers will start at £400 per video and often take 10-14 days to complete. A live presenter video will start at £2000 and can take up to 6 weeks to complete.

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