Jet Airways Posters

April 2000 Large format pop-ups. Used at major travel trade shows these 6ft to 7ft wide curved pop-up displays were produced at high resolutions from .eps files generated in a vector drawing application.

Cerestar Posters

October 1999 Exhibition posters. As a major player at the première food and pharmaceutical exhibitions Cerestar’s presence was usually a big thing. Backed up with heavyweight advertising and custom built exhibition stands our job was to provide a series of posters to further promote a variety of brands at specific shows.

RAM Posters

March 1999 Travel Trade Posters. Royal Air Maroc exhibited at the major trade exhibitions and organised a number of low-key events where a combination of magazine, catalogue and national press advertising supported large format posters and pop-up displays.

Cerestar Maps

June 1998 A simple folded map, in DL format was required by the client to assist customers and suppliers to find their way to the UK offices of Cerestar, now part of the Cargill group of companies. We created two maps in two colours which were then used in a variety of printed material.

Cerestar Print

June 1998 The small print? The images here are a very small selection of the different kinds of printed matter we produced for Cerestar over our 20 year relationship. Simple leaflets and pamphlets to multi-page brochures, newsletters, stationery exhibition hand-outs and so much more.

MediaEN Logo

April 21, 1996 A media company logo. Many moons ago, before ‘digital media’ was the norm I started a company specifically to produce media rich products for magazine publishers. This was the logo.

Kinkajou Logo

February 9, 1996 A typographic logo was required for a start-up company. With the finalised logo a complete set of business stationery had to be created including letterhead, compliment slips and of course business cards.

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