SugarLuxe Competitions

April 2018 A consumer website designed to compliment the clients extensive social media activity and provide the platform for competitions. SugarLuxe is a brand that is all about luxury, femininity and simple design. However behind the scenes the website uses a very complex form to manage the players\’ competition. So what you see is much

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Silver Dreamers

October 2017 A first time venture for two ‘young’ gentlemen wanting to talk about their travels. Both keen journal keepers they were looking for an easy to manage blogging platform to allow them to post updates and reviews of all the places they were visiting throughout the year. Almost half the year is to be

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Swearingen Software

April 2017 This was originally a client project undertaken for HealthFlash Marketing in the USA back in 2014. The original static website was produced by the owner, Randall Swearingen, and at HFM we used this as the basis for the first rendition of the new website. Various graphical elements, such as the cameleon, were redrawn

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Thales Consult

January 2017 A client recommended Aditerum to develop a ‘like-minded’ website to their own and as they two client work closely together we agreed to design Thales Consult in a vert similar way to re-inforce the symbiotic relationship the two clients have. The site adopts a true multi-lingual approach using real translated content, rather than

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August 2016 The Council for Responsible Nutrition required a complete redesign of their website from a static HTML and unresponsive website into something they are able to fully edit and manage for themselves. The content is aimed at the general public and there is a private section of the website that is only for the

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July 2016, logo 2017 and site update 2021/22 A client recommendation brought NATCOL to us with a brief to develop a website that was modern, responsive and capable of providing content to both the public visitor and the membership of the organisation. The website therefore includes a comprehensive membership system that ensure only the membership

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Technology Training

February 2016 A complex requirement to develop a website that allows approved tutors/instructors to produce online educational courses within a business to business environment. Course are purchased, so an e-commerce system is in place together with a learning management system (LMS) to handle the lesson material. TECHNOLOGY TRAINING Business closed, site redundant

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Global Elite Alliance

November 2015 The brief could be condensed into one word – ‘impact’. The key was to make a visually stunning website that shouted out that the company was different. Which indeed it is. GEA, is offering a range of specialist academic services to individuals from the Middle East and Africa including proof reading and translation,

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