November 2014, updated 2018 and 2021

The Door2Door Mobile Tyres service came to Aditerum at the end of September looking for a fast turnaround on a new e-commerce website to replace their flat html site. The site was completed in under 6 weeks and went live early in November. Had the 2500 records for the tyre data been available in advance this site could have been completed in just 4 weeks.

The site needed to be fully editable by the client and had to be responsive to allow use on mobiles and tablets and the ability to search for a variety of tyre combinations such as tyre width, profile, rim size and speed rating were a necessity. So we produced exactly that plus a couple of extras to make it even easier for their customers.

The site has since been updated a couple of time and most recently adapted to cater for a tyre supplier’s online tyre selector.


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