Celcon Adverts

February 2002 “Outsider Advertising” is what it was referred to by some in the building industry. When we won the account, with (literally) a last minute pitch, we had no experience in the building arena. Our ideas were therefore unencumbered by tradition or the ‘norm’. As a result we made a BIG impact on the […]

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Kemwall Adverts

April 1999 Industrial Equipment Advertising has to be amongst the hardest to produce. When I say ‘hard’ I mean, appealing, sexy, different and not in the general styles you see in most business to business magazines. Kemwall was a challenge as their equipment was well known well respected and boring to look at. But the

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Syngal Adverts

August 1998 Zebra Advertising. Not so much black and white but the concept came easy and the client loved it. Once the blue zebra ad appeared we embarked on several other in the same style. Within the pharmaceutical industry we made a big splash and generated some great awareness for the client, and it was

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Trost Adverts

October 14, 1997 “We” Advertising. The idea was simply that ‘we’ do this, that or the other for their customers. The simple headlines linked to striking images – that would not normally be seen in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industry – made a suitably interesting impact on those communities. Fun to do as well.

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CSO Advert

August 12, 1996 Big ad, small company. As I write this post some 10 or 15 years after the event I can’t remember what the company did but it was something to do with storm water and other things. The ad went down well. It didn’t win any awards but it didn’t appear that much

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EPN Advert

July 11, 1996 Seriously Rapid Advertising! When you have a reputation for working fast you run the risk of getting a call to produce an idea and an advert quickly. In this case the idea and the artwork was need on the same day and we have to deliver in hours.

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