You may not of heard the term “Explainer Video” but you have seen them, many times; if you use any social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram you are probably seeing explainer videos every time you visit your account to catch up!

They appear on websites and are used extensively in social media marketing and you have probably had them fed to you in newsletters and other marketing emails. If you want to understand more and see one in action then you can visit the Explainer page and marvel!

The key point in bringing these to your attention, dear reader, is simply that Aditerum are now offering a production service for Explainer videos – and at a fixed cost designed. The service is aimed at all types of businesses from sole traders, craftsmen and women, small start up businesses through to large multi-national corporations.

So if you have a concept that you need to get over to your audience quickly and efficiently then contact Aditerum to talk about your needs and start planning the reaction that a good video gives sooner rather than later.

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